Inner Vision Feng Shui
Inner Vision Feng Shui

  What is

Feng Shui?

•  Feng Shui (pronounced
   fung shway) is the ancient
   Chinese practice of
   arranging our physical
   environments to enhance
   the quality of our lives.

•  Feng Shui (literally “wind”
   and “water”) aligns the
   energy that flows in and
   around us to produce
   physical, emotional, and
   spiritual well-being.

•  Feng Shui offers the
   promise of lasting lifestyle
   enhancements as you live
   and work harmoniously and
   comfortably in your

"  Our Environments are
              Mirrors of Ourselves."
                                                       - Melissa Cook

Feng shui principles Since 2001, I’ve used the time-honored principles of Feng Shui to help individuals, families, and businesses transform their living and work spaces into environments that reflect who they are—and who they want to be.

Inner Vision Feng Shui consultations are insightful, fun, and offer practical, easy-to-implement solutions. Learn how to create a supportive environment that affirms and empowers you. See how everything you possess has an effect on you. Learn how to make it a positive one!

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feng shui book by melissa cook

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