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Interactive presentations and workshops are a fun and informative way to learn about Feng Shui. Clubs, libraries, expos, and businesses can choose among a variety of subjects. Inner Vision Feng Shui will also prepare customized presentations to address your specific interests and needs.

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Topics include:

Empower Your Life with Feng Shui (1 hour)

Are you interested in Feng Shui but don’t know where to begin? This ancient Chinese art of arranging environments can transform the way you live, but getting started can be overwhelming. Using colorful slides of typical homes, this presentation provides an overview and practical ideas that will promote your health, wealth, and happiness.


  • You’ll learn the history, principles, and guidelines of Feng Shui that you can begin using immediately.

  • You’ll learn why energy (chi) is so important and how to work with it to attract harmony and balance into our life.

Abode of Abundance (1 hour)

Prosperity involves every aspect of our lives--satisfying relationships, vibrant health, high performance and productivity, life-affirming careers, and creative expression. By applying the principles of Feng Shui – the art of arranging environments to enhance our quality of life – you’ll learn how to create environments that promote prosperity and abundance.


  • You’ll learn whether your home or office is helping or hindering your state of prosperity and you’ll discover the many ways you can begin attracting prosperity into your life.

Design Elements of Feng Shui (1 hour)

Feng Shui comes to life in this visually oriented presentation that looks at Feng Shui from a design point of view. Feng Shui “Do’s and Don’ts” are amply illustrated using photos and diagrams. Learn how a harmonious balance of color, proportion, shape, materials, and lay-out can enhance your health, prosperity, comfort, and happiness.


  • You’ll learn myriad design possibilities that Feng Shui offers.

  • You’ll learn how to bring your home or office to life.

Empower Your Office with Feng Shui (1 ½ hours)

Our environments mirror our inner selves. What does your office say about you? Does it reflect success or underachievement? Prosperity or deprivation?” Through the ancient practice of Feng Shui, you can create an office that empowers, affirms, and inspires you and your staff.


  • You’ll be more productive, prosperous, and confident in your work.

  • You’ll receive specific suggestions and easy-to-implement solutions for office furnishings and design.

Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui (1 hour)

Feeling stuck and don’t know why? Is your home or office closing in on you? Getting rid of clutter may be the most important step you can take to free up your life. Using the principles of Feng Shui, this presentation addresses why we have clutter, the many ways it affects the quality of our lives, and what we can do to achieve more balance and harmony in our homes and offices. 


  • You’ll understand what clutter represents and how it’s holding you back.

  • You’ll learn specific ways to begin letting go of clutter and lightening your load.

Buying and Selling a Home with Feng Shui (2 hours)

Looking for your perfect home? Has your home been on the market too long? Let Feng Shui help you buy or sell a home easier, faster, and smarter. Learn what to look for in a new home and what you can do to make your existing home more attractive to buyers.


  • You’ll learn how to ready your home for a quick sale.

  • You’ll clarify what you want in an ideal home and you’ll learn what you can do to attract it.

Introduction to Feng Shui Workshop (three hours; can be two sessions of 1 ½ hours)

Feng Shui can help you achieve balance and harmony in your life. This experiential, hands-on workshop will give you a solid understanding of Feng Shui fundamentals and many practical ideas for enhancing the quality of your life. Learn the basic tools
of Feng Shui and prepare a bagua (a map) of your home or office. Discover how you can create environments that support your hopes, goals, and dreams.


  • You’ll learn how to be a Feng Shui practitioner!

Please contact me for more information about workshops, fees, and availability