Inner Vision Feng Shui
Inner Vision Feng Shui

Presentation/Class Feedback

Below are some survey comments that I have received from participants who attended my presentations and classes.

“Abode of Abundance: Arranging Your Environment to Enhance Prosperity”

Very well prepared feng shui overview. Melissa offers tips that are practical and useful to apply in our day-to-day life. Excellent lecture.

I liked the speaker’s voice, calmness, and directness. She seems healing and interested in helping you.

Presenter has beautiful energy. Thank you.

Very easy to comprehend and practical. It made sense.

I got some good ideas for my own home. Also, inspiration to do something about aspects of my life that have annoyed me, but I've been trying to ignore. Now I realize that they are calling out to me to do something. Thank you.

Great presentation with lots of practical suggestions.

Well-phrased principles and clear, calm presentation.

It was wonderful, thought-provoking, and motivational!

“The Harmonious Home Introductory Workshop”

Very organized, knows the material extremely well. Soothing tone to voice. Excellent teacher.

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic about feng shui.

There is a lively, graceful way about her. I hope to experience her wisdom and grace again.

I feel that Melissa is a great teacher.

Excellent presentation by a very talented lady who really knows how to impart her caring knowledge.

These two sessions were delightful, insightful, and energizing.

“Feng Shui for Prosperity”

The entire presentation was superb and we all came away feeling inspired to make small and not-so-small changes to improve the quality of our lives!

I loved listening to the simple possibilities one can do.

“Empower Your Office with Feng Shui”

Practical, helpful, meaningful information that everyone can benefit from.

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