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  About Me

“I’m Melissa Cook, the founder of Inner Vision Feng Shui. I will be your guide through a fascinating process of awareness and transformation. I offer practical solutions that will help you create a home or office that reflects comfort, harmony, and prosperity."

I’m a life-long learner, and I’ve discovered that most of my clients are too. Like me, they aspire to become more conscious and aware, happier, more creative, and more prosperous. I view every meeting with my clients as an opportunity to learn from each other as we create healthy environments.

I first learned about Feng Shui through a book, The Western Guide to Feng Shui by Terah Kathryn Collins, which I consider one of the best books on the subject. Terah distills the ancient knowledge of the early practitioners into Essential Feng Shui® , an approach that is accessible and transformative.  

I immediately hired a Feng Shui consultant and was amazed to discover that by moving one chair in my living room, the energy of the entire room changed for the better. Subtle, yet powerful, I thought.

After 22 years as an executive fundraiser, I wanted something more. I enrolled in the Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego and never looked back. In 2001, I launched my own business—Inner Vision Feng Shui.

Why “Inner Vision”? Because Feng Shui is not just about arranging furniture. It’s about living and working more consciously in our personal environments in a way that promotes our emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Feng Shui has become a way of life. I stay current by continuing to learn from well-known teachers of Feng Shui. I’m certified by two schools, the Western School of Feng Shui and Interior Alignment™, which was established by Denise Linn. My teachers have included Terah Kathryn Collins, Alex Stark, Mary Dennis, and R.D. Chin, among others.

I continue to study modalities that relate to Feng Shui and the human journey. I’m a Level II Reiki Practitioner and an Angel Therapy Practitioner, having studied with Doreen Virtue. I’m certified in Space Clearing though the Interior Alignment school and have also studied Space Clearing with Karen Kingston. I use flower essences, sacred geometry, and angel readings in my work.

Feng Shui’s close relationship with design takes me back to my design roots. I’m a graduate of the Parsons School of Design in Environmental Design, and I’ve worked as an interior designer in New York City. I’m also a certified Feng Shui Redesign practitioner. My design background gives me an edge when recommending Feng Shui solutions that involve interior design, such as the layout of floor plans, furniture style and arrangement, and color choices.

I also hold a Master’s Degree in Arts Management from American University. During my nonprofit career, I managed a dance company and raised major gifts for prominent national and international organizations.

In an even earlier life, I was a philosophy major at Northwestern University. These early studies piqued my lifelong interest in the fundamental questions of existence and being.

For anyone who thinks Feng Shui is a lot of “snake oil” or that it’s too “Chinese-y,” I can only say: “Give it a chance. It can transform your life.” It has certainly transformed mine. I will never look at a space the same way again. To me, every space has meaning. Although I struggle like anyone else with clutter, my two homes are my “partners.” If I feel out of balance, I need only look at my living and work spaces for clues to re-balance. My most gratifying moments are when clients tell me how Feng Shui has empowered them.

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